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Christina Dendulk

My education is in engineering, so I understand technology and (more importantly) how to communicate with technical people. I had a long career in technical writing, so I understand page layout composition and (more importantly) how to create an online user experience that speaks to a broad spectrum of visitors. I also write novels, so I know the importance of story. 

A business’s brand is the business’s story, and that story needs to be communicated throughout the site in layout, images, headings, and content.

I am uniquely qualified to help frustrated business owners with their web design because I understand that it’s not rocket science, and I can teach it to you. I’ll share my tools and tricks and help you 

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Beautiful words make beautiful people.
Beautiful people can make a beautiful world.

Hello, Beautiful.


We are a referral-only, concierge provider. Please contact me to discuss your project.

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